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Founded by our dad, Chef Eduardo Robles, and our family in 2023, Eddie's Kitchen was a dream come to life us. From the moment you step inside, you're immediately enveloped in the comforting aroma of a family kitchen filled with love and flavor.

Dad, or Chef Eddie as he's known here, has spent more than three decades mastering the art of cooking in Sonoma County. Every dish that comes out of our kitchen is like a work of art, crafted with a blend of his creative genius and the cherished traditions passed down through generations.

Eddie’s Kitchen isn't just a restaurant; it's a place where the magic of a simple dinner turns into an unforgettable dining experience. It's where the nervous energy of a first date is eased by the soothing presence of a perfectly prepared pasta dish. It's the kind of place where, no matter what day of the week it is, you'll find yourself fully engaged in the moment, and your phone will happily stay tucked away in your purse.

Our menu is a journey through Dad's culinary adventures, a collection of flavors and techniques he's picked up from various kitchens along the road to Eddie's Kitchen. It's as if he's been storing these skills, secret ingredients, and unforgettable flavors in the back pocket of his apron for all these years, just waiting to share them with you. We pride ourselves on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, handpicked from the bountiful offerings of Sonoma County. And when it comes to wine, our selection is a celebration of the world-class vineyards that surround us, with a special focus on the exquisite wines of Sonoma County and Italy.

We don't limit ourselves to just one cuisine here. If you were to ask, our menu is an ode to the beautiful Wine Country that surrounds us—there's a touch of Italian, a dash of American, and a sprinkle of French influences. But when you're here, you don't need to worry about labels or categories. You can simply call it "Eddie's."

So, come on in, take a seat, and savor the flavors of our kitchen. Stay a while, because at Eddie's Kitchen, it's not just about the food; it's about the moments and memories created around the table.

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