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Our Story 

​​​Founded by Chef Eduardo Robles and his family in 2023, Eddie's Kitchen was born out of a passion for good food, warm hospitality, and a desire to create a place where people could come together to savor delicious dishes in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. With over 3 decades of Sonoma County culinary expertise, Chef Eddie brings a unique blend of creativity and tradition to each plate, ensuring every meal is a delightful journey. 

Eddie’s Kitchen is where a dinner turns into a dining experience and  a first dates nerves are calmed with pasta. A favorite for any day of  the week, where phones stay in purses and fingers fight for the last  truffle fry.  

The menu comes from cooking in different kitchens—picking up  skills, flavors, secret ingredients and keeping them in a back apron  pocket for later. 

We do not follow only one cuisine. If you need a hint, our menu is very Wine Country inspired ⸺ some  Italian with a bit of American and French twists. 

But when you are here - you can just call the food “Eddie’s”  Come in, eat, and stay a while. 

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